About Julian's Gems

What is Julians Gems?

Julian's Gems is a small collection of the finest wooden Artworks from The Orange Gallery mainly featuring beautiful Honduras Rosewood Burl along with several other types of rare and exotic hardwoods.

This collection was created by Julian Sherrard (Owner of The Orange Gallery) to provide easy access to these Beautiful Wooden Art pieces for Museum and Gallery owners/curators and private collectors.

The Orange Gallery is an arts and crafts gallery owned by Julian Sherrard and located in Belize Central America. It is the largest gallery of its type in Belize.

While The Orange Gallery contains thousands of art works created by dozens of artists from all across Central America and the Caribbean, the Julian's Gems collection is composed of select items that are carefuly selected for individual beauty and quality of workmanship.

What exactly is in the collection?

The Julian's Gems collection is composed of four different types of art:

  • Classic Wood Turnings: Classic-style wooden bowls and vases turned from beautiful pieces of exotic hardwood. Most of these pieces are made from extremely rare pieces of Rosewood and Zericote Burl that have been collected over the years by Julian Sherrard.
  • Rustic Wood Turnings: Rustic-style wooden bowls and vases turned from beautiful pieces of exotic hardwood. Like the classic vases, most of these pieces are also made from rare and beautiful pieces of exotic hardwood burl.
  • Wooden sculptures: Sculptures that have been painstakingly carved from pieces of exotic hardwood burl. These pieces are beautifully detailed and unique.
  • Knives: Display-quality blades made by out resident knife maker/wood turner, Isaac Ludwig. These knives feature high quality 440 Stainless Steel blades and beautifully crafted hardwood & hardwood burl handles.

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